My definition of "irresistible" 

It means that you're strong and no one would dream of abusing or walking all over you.

It means that you possess an aura of magnetism and positivity, and you draw good people to you (and repel the bad).

And it means that you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.  When you are full of healthy self-love, it nourishes not only you, but all the good people around you.

Are you in one or more of the following situations right now?

  •  Does the shock of betrayal or divorce continue to linger, poisoning your life and thoughts, even though you want so much to move on, the way he's doing?
  • Do you feel more tired and exhausted every month, rather than becoming more excited by the new possibilities that are yours -- now that you have no one to answer to and you have the freedom to make your own choices?

  • Would you love to be one of those women who uses your ex's child visitation time to go out, have fun with the girls, and maybe even date? But you don't know how to start and you feel as if you fade into the walls?

  •  Do you feel that you’ve always had to settle for second or third best?  In life, in work, or in your relationships? Have you always wished you could be someone's first choice?

Do you say a deep "yes" to at least two of these:

  • You tend to have difficulty knowing what you want, knowing what your personal style is or even daring to have a personal style (in your clothing, hair, colors you wear . . .).
  • You find it's difficult to ask for what you want, and important people in your life tend to ignore your needs (or aren’t even aware that you have any needs).
  • You really do feel as if you fade into the walls wherever you go.
  • You think that, if you’re going to receive any attention at all, you have to accept whatever is there, even though it’s usually from men who have little to offer and take more than they give. And you're so tired of being hurt.
  • You were the person in your childhood family who received the least attention, the least praise, and was virtually ignored.
  • You were the person in your childhood family who took care of everyone else, and no one even bothered to think that you desperately wanted attention and care.
  • You stopped believing in your beauty and specialness a long time ago.

The work with you was truly amazing!

Before you, I had difficulty remembering who I really was, and wondered how I would ever be able to be my own person again after being married for so long. But you really opened my eyes and mind and inspired me to focus on me again. On who I was, and who I wanted to be.

I can recognise, now, what I don’t want in my life and focus on how I can attract what I do want.

Developing a brand statement about myself is something I had never previously thought about – now I know who I am and what I stand for. And I love it!
— Tania Levey / Port Elizabeth, South Africa

With all your heart, do you want to:

  • Feel that people pay attention to you, listen to you, and respond to your requests.
  • Feel attractive, smiled at, and noticed in a positive way by the people in your life, as well as people you meet for the first time.
  • Feel part of things, receiving social invitations from friends or finding it easy and comfortable to make new friends.
  • Move from feeling tired, grey, and exhausted to having a hopeful attitude and more energy based on real, practical, and easy choices that will start making things better from day one.
  • Make these changes with ease.  You just don’t feel you have the energy for something long and hard right now.

Why I created a brief 2-hour program to give you these results.

Invisible to Irresistible was born from my personal experience with divorcing and divorced women who take one of the hardest hits to their self-esteem at this time of their lives.

A few years ago, I decided to create a 2-hour coaching intensive around the issue of invisibility, personal power, and being able to bring into your life the kinds of experiences, respect, and personal relationships that you want most.

I knew, from the feedback I had been getting from divorced women in my practice, that I had simple and effective techniques around the "invisibility" issue that work fast and are easy to understand and make part of your life.

This is for you, if you've been feeling less attractive, off-the-radar, and more invisible than at any other time of your life. It's also for you if you've always felt "less than" and you've finally had enough.

Invisible to Irresistible has been an incredible success, and is my second most-popular quick-coaching intensive (Prepare to Be Loved is #1)!

After our work together, I’m now convinced that I deserve better than what I was getting, and, thanks to you, I know how to get it.

If I don’t see myself as the most important person in my relationship, no one else is going to see me that way. That one insight was worth everything, but there was so much more!
— Suzi McNicholas / Charlotte NC

Let me tell you more about what you'll experience:

Invisible to Irresistible is two hours of private one-on-one online coaching from me personally, Rosetta Magdalen, founder of The Dynamic Divorcee.  The program is delivered through a single two-hour appointment in which we start from where you are, and introduce you to easy techniques and strategies that help you to start living your life in full color.

The process is different for each woman, because each woman's needs are somewhat different, and the challenges you've faced in life are not quite the same as anyone else's.  The reasons your personality and desires started to fade into the background are also unique to the life experiences you've had.

We work with all of that, and expand your comfort zone as little or as much as you're ready for.  As you come in with objectives for our breakthrough two hours together, I make sure that you come away, not only with answers, but with practical, easy shifts that immediately start working in your life.

While we're on the call together, we'll both have access to a Google Doc (online document) in which we work through the two hours together, and at the end of our time together, you'll decide on which strategies (of all of the ones we'll cover) will be the most comfortable for you as next steps.

It's more than just one 2-hour breakthrough session.  You come away with a plan for continuing changes and insights as you adopt some simple new habits, which you get to choose yourself.

Do you want these outcomes now?

  • Attention and appreciation for who you are and what you do.
  • People in your life who smile at you, notice you in a positive way, and are happy you're there.
  • You make a great first impression because you feel great about yourself.
  • Part of things, receiving social invitations from friends or finding it easy and comfortable to make new friends.
  • Having a hopeful attitude and more energy based on practical, easy choices that will start making things better from day one.

Find out more about the 2-hour Invisible to Irresistible breakthrough, by getting in touch:

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