I wanted to give you something real.

This could have been an e-book, but I wanted to give you something from my heart that I could personalize for you, something you could hold in your hands and know it came from me with love.  So . . . if you're in the United States, I'd love to send you, as a gift, my 32-page book of first steps toward knowing and loving yourself so that others will, too.

What's in the book?

Prepare to Be Loved:  5 Easy Steps to the Love that Has Been Missing So Far, is specifically short and sweet.  It's for you if you feel that you've always come in second best to someone or something else with your loved ones -- and if this pattern followed into your marriage.  In the book, I walk you through 5 steps that help you to look at where you've been, patterns that have repeated themselves in your life, and what you can do about that.

Because most of the women I work with are still grieving and in pain over what's happened, your energy may be in short supply these days.  That's why these 5 steps are clear and easy to understand, with brief "homework" activities that you're unlikely to have found elsewhere.  You can take as little or as much time as you want with them, but results can come from just a few minutes with each step.

I know that you need something real to hold onto now, not just a lot of psycho-babble that ultimately leaves you in the same place where you started, or feeling even worse.  So, I don't do that!

If you're ready to get your copy, just fill in your name, email, full address (including city, state, and zip -- no PO boxes, please) in the boxes to your right.

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Adorable extras . . .

Because I get to send you this little care package through the US Mail, I can slip in an extra goody or two.

Whenever I happen to have them available you'll be receive a few stickers, a magnet, a button, or maybe a temporary tattoo from "You Are Beautiful" -- which are just some of my favorite giveaways ever ever ever, and I hope you'll love them, too.

Put them in places where you need a reminder of how beautiful you are.  (And, if you don't think you're so beautiful right now, you will when you finish reading my book.)  

What else?  

You'll receive a handwritten love note from me, and I love to personalize my books with rubber stamp art and colorful flags to guide you to sentences I really want you to see.

Why listen to me . . .

You can trust me because I've been through a very traumatic divorce myself, and struggled so hard and long to try to emotionally recover that I had to discover my own answers.

As the pain and fog I was in continued on and on, experts said it would take years to heal, and that I had to slowly move through the five stages of grief, that maybe sitting around in a group of commiserating fellow divorced people would help, that maybe talk therapy would help, that maybe yoga would help.

After trying absolutely everything I was told to do, and still suffering years later, I had had enough.  After a lifetime as an innovator in my career, and as someone who had trouble taking no for an answer, I created my own direct and simple system to heal.  


What my method is all about

A big part of the process I took myself through was about remembering who I had been before losing parts of myself to marriage.  I had to find ways to look forward to life, and to be able to focus on moving toward what I wanted most from my life now.  I had to transform fear into freedom,  And I found my own feminine power and irresistibility -- so I could draw the things I wanted into my life.  

Find out how the program I developed for myself became the method I've now shared with women from the United States to South Africa, and lots of places in between.  You can find out about my 7-step four-month program here, and learn more about how I developed my program here.

What women are saying:

Thank you for your book. It is only 32 pages, yet it is so clear — laser cut and substantial. I am amazed, it is helping me already!!! Your book comes from serious research and life experience. You are an artist of writing self-help and coaching advice!!! Grand merci!
— Nazanin Agassi / Urbana IL
I feel like I have made more progress with you in a few short months than I did with years of therapy.
— Shelly West / Farmington NY
I just want to say that, regardless of your own relationship status, Rosetta’s materials will serve you. Great value. Done really well.
— Susan Westbrook, PhD
After our work together, I’m now convinced that I deserve better than what I was getting, and, thanks to you, I know how to get it.
— Suzi McNicholas / Charlotte NC

Click here for more of what clients say about Rosetta.

How to get the book:

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That's it!  I can't wait to receive your request, and see what you think about my little book : )