Want to know your #1 response to our holiday blues survey?

Big thanks to everyone who has contributed responses to our Post-Divorce Holiday Blues-Busting Survey.

I thought you might like to know what women are most interested in when it comes to support over the holiday season.

I really love the way it's turning out -- because, based on your responses, you are very willing to learn to take time out for yourselves and are enthusiastic about using time this season to plan for a happier year to come!

So far, every single respondent to our survey wants:

1) a step-by-step process to help them use the holiday season to come up with a plan to totally transform their new year.  Or, as I like to say, to "turn the blues into a blueprint."

Then, two desires tied for second place:

2)  strategies to deal with loneliness during the season and to learn ways to nurture themselves this time of year instead of being overcome by stress and others' expectations.

So, how do you turn the blues into a blueprint, anyway?

The blueprint comes as the last step in our 5 *Very* Surprising Cures for the Post-Divorce Holiday Blues, and here's why.  The whole 5-step process takes you through a journey of honoring yourself, and experiencing what it's like to put yourself first so that you can give out of your own abundance and not out of your own exhaustion and sadness.

You might have noticed that giving what you don't have to give never quite works as well as you'd like it to.  Well, let's be honest.  It never really works at all.

Maybe you've already been living your entire life that way, but now the warning lights are flashing and sirens are going off because -- after having gone through the entire divorce process, and having lost so much of everything that meant most to you -- it feels impossible to keep putting a good face on it, and sacrificing even more heavily than you've done before.

So, the blueprint is the fourth of the five steps in my program.  You do it after you've taken specific (and fun) steps to remember who you are (or who you always meant to be), see exactly how you can scale back and remake the holiday season in a way that's fun for you, and even give yourself gifts (don't worry, you get to stay within your budget!).

I want you to have so much fun before you sit down to create your blueprint -- using nothing more than a journal, a pen, and maybe some fun art supplies.  The blueprint is fun, not work.  It's not about scheduling, outlines, flow charts . . . .    In other words, it bears no resemblance to the drudgery you usually do every day.

It's all about dreaming your life, the way you want it to be.  Not just where you want to be in your work, family, and financial lives, but how you want to feel every day.  Realizing that how you feel is the key to what makes life beautiful.  And, it's the key to what will allow your life to change in the ways you want it to.

Update: Special Pricing So Everyone Can Afford to Try It

We always want to ensure that every woman can have access to our Holiday Blues Cure Toolkit.

So, we're offering special pricing, (when you order by Saturday, December 15), discounting our $75 program to just $15.

And, we want you to feel secure that you’re not risking anything at all by trying it. So, we offer a full refund of your purchase price (within 15 days of purchase), when you show proof of completing all the worksheets, yet feel you did not receive value from it.

After you complete your purchase, Paypal will send you directly to the download page with the audios and ebook. You will not receive a confirmation email, so please save the page that Paypal sends you to, if you do not plan to download the program immediately.

The Tower Tarot Card: When Things Are Falling Apart

Rider-Waite-Smith tarot

Rider-Waite-Smith tarot

How do you find a way to create a good happily-ever-after story for yourself when everything you thought you knew about life is crashing all around you during, and even years after, your divorce?

One of the unique things I’m known for in my coaching practice is reading tarot cards for clients when they reach a plateau in the amazing transformations we’ve created together, and they get a little tired. I’ve gotten them through the worst of it, and they’re thinking, “Maybe it’s enough. I’m doing okay — much better than I thought I’d be. Maybe it’s good enough.”

But life has so much more to offer. Sometimes it’s time for me to bring excitement about taking the next step of the way.

I love to move from talking to exploring the senses as a way to bring in something fresh and “wow”, so tarot is just one of those comforting ways of resting while planning what’s next (although you might not think so by looking at the card to the left).

The cards can be a mirror to see that the drama in what you think is happening isn’t always the reality. It doesn’t have to be that dark. And, surprisingly often, you get to choose how events actually play out.

As Wayne Dyer used to say, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

It’s pretty magical. Let’s look at a particularly scary tarot card, and see how various artists have chosen to interpret it — with different results in what you’d feel and experience if this card came up in a reading for you.

Just as every day, you create your life, tarot artists each create their own unique vision of the 78 cards of the tarot, opening up the meaning of the cards in the process.

Tarot Tower Card

At the top of this post is, arguably, the most famous representation of the Tower card. Two people are leaping out of a burning tower, trying to save themselves. The crown, the place of importance that you gave to your marriage is blown off and it’s beyond saving — right now, you question whether you yourself will even survive.



But, what if you thought about it the way the artist depicted the same card, to the left.

Still not a cheery image, as you walk away from a bleak castle, in the remnants of your wedding dress. But, you have your dignity, your chin is held high, and you’re walking away from the wind and the rain.

It changes things, doesn’t it?

Or . . . what about taking the human element out of the equation entirely?

The next image, below, shows the tower struck by lightning and destroyed, but no humans were harmed in the making of this tarot card. And, there’s even a path that leads away from the disaster.



The path is narrow, but it’s sturdy : ) . We can’t sugar-coat what you’re going through, and I would never try to do that. This is still a devastating image.

But. In this picture, there’s a way out.

It’s possible to look at what’s going down as a truly sad natural disaster, and not something that someone did to someone else. There’s a time to be ready to try out that way of looking at things. And it’s only one of many ways of making sense of what’s happened.

In the midst of divorce, or in the grieving process afterwards, a huge part of the pain is in the sheer loss of control. Not knowing what will happen next.

The game can keep changing, and the terms can keep changing. You think the terms of the divorce are set, and then he renegs and decides you deserve nothing. You think you’re over him and then you find out he’s engaged. The plot twists can be endless.

Happiness After Divorce: Darkness Into Light

spinoolean tarot

spinoolean tarot

Look at this surprising take on the dark, gothic images that we’ve already seen.

This artist chose to turn the Tower card into a lighthouse. I love this so much.

The lightning is still flashing, but the Tower stays whole, and shines with a beautiful internal light. Is it a star? Is it a sun? Is it your beautiful spirit and soul? Is it your own rebirth? You get to choose.

The storm may morph into a hurricane. Your ex may keep bringing the temper-tantrums, and chaos may be swirling around you. Yet you remain safe and protected.

The marriage may be over, but you have the choice to be the lighthouse. Your inner light can become even brighter, never dimming despite the challenges that you’re going through. (Helping to ensure this is possible is a big part of my life’s mission in working with divorcees.)

Let’s look at a couple of other ways artists have imagined the Tower.

tarot of the saints

tarot of the saints

Look at this one. This card is from one of the most unique decks I’ve seen (and, to my knowledge, it’s no longer in print).

Yes, it’s a Catholic tarot deck (shhhh, don’t let the Pope know).

We still have the lightning strike, and a man leaping from the tower (your ex, perhaps?). But, St. Barbara carries the tower (and you) to safety.

If anyone could keep you safe during this time of life, I bet on the miracle-working St. Barbara. Or, think of her as your guardian angel.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about prayer in times like these, when you think no one up there is paying any attention. If you believe in a higher power, don’t forget about Him or Her.

everyday tarot

everyday tarot

Here’s the Tower from a new deck, Everyday Tarot, by Brigit Esselmont and Eleanor Grosch.

I love how all the traditional elements of the Tower card are in place, but the woman is peacefully falling, as if in a dream. She’s not worried at all. In fact, she’s floating through it as if supported by unseen hands.

I also love the purple and gold color scheme of this deck. Purple for victory and gold for abundance.

And, I also love the size and price of this deck. Small enough to easily carry in your purse, and under $12 on Amazon right now.

I don’t know whether you’re interested in getting a tarot deck of your own, but if you are, I link to it at the end of this post.

What if you want your own divorce healing tarot reading from me? I would be happy to!

Are you interested in having me read for you, using my 7-Card Divorce Healing Spread? Here’s a quick video with more information on that:

And here are some links to a few decks that I love, including the Everyday Tarot deck and book by Brigit Esselmont, whose podcast and books are amazing.

Gratitude journal benefits: coping with divorce



Every week, I read lots of articles about how to get over your divorce. And a surprising number of these stories are about the benefits of a daily gratitude journal.

Have you tried this? I have done gratitude journals over long periods during difficult times in my life, sometimes with the desired effect and sometimes not.

The purpose of the gratitude journal seems to be: Things could be so much worse. Appreciate the little things (food in the fridge, clothes on your back), because, if you don’t, even these small comforts may be taken from you.

Over the years, I’ve even advocated gratitude here on the divorce blog, and in one or two of my videos. It does have its place.

Gratitude journal benefits: exactly what are they?

When your mind and emotions are spinning out of control because of the havoc divorce has wreaked in your life, sometimes we all need a dose of “it could be so much worse,” and “there are things to be grateful for here,” and “we could be starving on the streets of ______________.” God(dess) is merciful.

But, here’s where it starts to fall apart for me as something to recommend to my divorce coaching clients.

After just a few days, clients find that they’re writing the same ten things over and over again. And that process just reinforces how dire circumstances really seem and how stuck they feel. So, I never use the gratitude journal process as anything more than an emergency measure — for those times when you can’t seem to find anything at all to hang onto as a positive in life.

Once we’ve achieved a little bit of balance and perspective, we quickly move on to activities that bring quick wins and a feeling that, “Yes, I can do this! I can get relief!”

Here’s what happens when a woman who’s valiantly trying to heal from divorce centers on gratitude journaling as a device to feel better. She starts to feel, “I know I should be grateful that things aren’t even worse, but I’m actually starting to feel angrier. When does this start to lift? When does this get better?”

“It could be so much worse, and I’m grateful for . . .” seems like a cold shower without soap.

I say: Put away that sad gratitude journal and break out the big, bold, colorful sharpies, the bubble wands, the dance music, and the rhinestone tiaras. Not your style? That’s okay. Keep reading anyway. (You don’t really need a tiara, promise.)

Appreciation and gratitude: what’s the difference?

Sometimes you don’t need gratitude. You need something that makes you laugh. You need something ridiculous. Something that breaks the spell of relentless doom that divorce has ushered into your life.

Because we become resigned to this doomsday mood and noxious atmosphere.

We keep hearing about the 5 stages of grief after divorce as if this is a thing (it isn’t).

Why? Why should we feed the monster this way?

Yes, this situation is just awful. Yes, life seems out of control. But we don’t have to keep beating ourselves over the head with how we should be grateful it’s not soooooo much worse.

Appreciation has a different vibe. Delight. Pleasant surprises. Laughter. Friendship. Lightness.

If you’re into journaling, an appreciation journal could look and feel completely different than that pen-and-paper list of gratitude items. It could be on your phone or on Pinterest or on your Instagram feed.

You could snap a picture every time something delights you. You could do a video share when someone does something nice for you. (“Look at this amazing latte my coworker just brought me!”) You could share a favorite song that you’d forgotten about, but happened to hear over the PA at Target.

It’s a game. Look for three things a day that you find delightful — no matter how small.

I know. You probably don’t feel like trying this, but trust me.

Remember what makes you laugh. Remember what brings you wonder and awe. Find the things that remind you why you like (or liked) living.

And put the evidence someplace where you can find it every time you feel dreadful. Hint: Your phone. I have an album I call “Inspiration” with lovely traces of happiness from my daily life: photos, little videos, songs . . . all in one place.

So often, childhood pastimes will get you to that place. That’s why I suggest the colored pens, bubble wands, and dance music. Try replacing that gratitude journal slog with taking a few minutes to remember that girl who still lives inside you.

Dream those touchstones that remind you who you truly are inside. The fairytale creature that still lives in you and wants to show you lots of amazing sights, sounds, scents, textures, and tastes.

Instead of journaling about what you’re grateful for (ever notice how the same five or ten things keep repeating, and it’s hard to drag up more?) look around and see what you appreciate around you. You’ll notice different things every time you go outside, go to work, or observe the people around you. It’s ever changing.

Look for the happy. Look for the fun. And give yourself the gift of a few moments to see it and feel it. (You’re still a responsible adult if you let yourself have a quick break from the serious, adult disaster. And, from this place of appreciation and wonder, new, magical solutions and opportunities are born.)

Divorce emotions: What if I just need some peace?

Feel like you need to deal with uncontrollable waves of divorce grief before you can try anything else? Here are my top suggestions on how to interrupt those exhausting divorce emotions.

7-Day Divorce Healing Facebook Jumpstart

How can I make it even quicker and easier to emotionally heal from divorce?

As a divorce recovery coach, I ask myself this question every day.

To the left, you can see one of my favorite memes that I created to help my dynamic divorcees get a few quick emotional wins right away, so that they'll believe that the process I take them through really works.

And, I just started thinking . . . this is a valuable little exercise for anyone who follows me and reads my stuff.

It can stand alone as a way to believe that you are never stuck, even if it feels that way.  You can always shift the view to something that gives you enough hope to wake up the next day and take the next step.

So, my question is: Do you want to try this?  With me, for free, on Facebook.

Get a little support in doing for yourself what you wish he had done for you. You know the things. Ask yourself what you need. Then, give it to yourself.

Feel that you are worthy to deserve excellent treatment from yourself. Stop hurting yourself by feeling that, if you were "good enough" or worthy enough, he would have treated you better. Your worth had nothing to do with how he behaved. You make yourself more beautiful to the outside world by how well you treat yourself.
Receive support in developing the new habit of reminding yourself, throughout each day, of the things you love about you. Stuck on this one? What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What were your passions before you got married? What do people tend to compliment you on?

Learn how to cheer yourself on when no one else seems to know what you need or has time to give it. Remind yourself that YOU KNOW the value of the spirit inside you. Deep down, YOU KNOW that you were meant for more than where you are right now.

7-Day Jumpstart on Facebook: 

Would you like some free, online support, over 7 days, to try the simple steps above?  Let me know!  Comment below this post, or, if you're seeing this on Facebook, comment on the post!

UPDATE 8.7.18: I've heard from a bunch of women who are saying yes to the 7-Day Self-Love Facebook Jumpstart.  So . . . the seven days will begin the week after Labor Day, starting Sunday, Sept. 9 and finishing on Saturday, Sept. 15.  The best way to make sure you get all of the details is to contact me here and let me know you want in on the Jumpstart : )


Divorce: Embracing Changes

The image that inspired this blog post. It's from the Abraham-Hicks Perpetual Flip Calendar,  available here . With a beautiful image and quote for every day of the year. However, not all of the quotes will make sense, if you're not familiar with Esther Hicks' concepts.

The image that inspired this blog post. It's from the Abraham-Hicks Perpetual Flip Calendar, available here. With a beautiful image and quote for every day of the year. However, not all of the quotes will make sense, if you're not familiar with Esther Hicks' concepts.

“It is not possible to stand still, or be stuck, because Energy, and therefore life, is always in motion.

“Things are always changing. But the reason it may feel to you as if you are stuck is because while you are continuing to think the same thoughts, things are changing — but they are changing to the same thing, over and over.

“If you want things to change to different things, you must think different thoughts. And that simply requires finding unfamiliar ways of approaching familiar subjects.” — Esther Hicks

Wow. This is one of the most clear and concise descriptions of law of attraction as it impacts healing from divorce (or anything else).

Change how you look at things, and the things you look at change. Click here for a recent post of mine with a beautiful visual representation of how this works.

But is it that easy? It’s like when someone is tired of you whining about your divorce and says, “Just snap out of it!”

Law of Attraction Divorce Edition

Author (and Abraham-channeller) Esther Hicks says, “find unfamiliar ways of approaching familiar subjects.” She also likes to talk about constantly “beating the drum” of what you don’t want, and being surprised when you keep getting that thing you don’t want, or when everything keeps getting worse no matter what you do.

It’s actually not that things are getting worse no matter what you do. They’re getting worse because of what you’re doing . . . and not doing.

Allowing your mind to stay in dangerous places (despair, jealousy, revenge, blaming yourself) creates a fertile breeding ground for these self-destructive emotions and helps them to gain strength. And, all of this pain and negativity clouds your vision and makes it virtually impossible for you to take the actions that will help you grasp the hand of hope, see the beauty even in the midst of sadness, and feel a little bit better each day.

So, yes, I said that you’re allowing your mind to stay in dangerous places. But you certainly don’t feel like your “allowing” anything. Your emotions right now may be so strong that you feel you have no control over them.

<< Check out this blog and video for some solutions when your emotions won’t give you any peace. You’ll see one of the many techniques I offer that interrupt these excruciating thoughts and emotions — just for a moment — so you can disconnect the agony, interrupt its hold on you, and then have the choice to say no to it. >>

Once you can interrupt this relentless inner machine of trying to figure out what went wrong, how you can get him back, what he’s doing now, what will happen to the kids, how you’ll survive . . . the law of attraction part is: What thoughts and emotions will you put in place of what you have been thinking and feeling?

Your Thoughts = What You Get

Your thoughts train your mind, body, and emotions. They program you for what you believe and what to expect from life.

This is so important because you get to choose these thoughts. They should be intentional and not coming from the deepest place of your internal agony.

These should be affirmations about what you want and what you decide you will have, not about what you don’t want and the victimization that you’re feeling.

What you are thinking hundreds of times a day is what you will keep seeing in your life and what you will continue to attract more of. It’s so simple.

And, if you don’t believe it, just try it.

Try This:

Say “Cancel!” every time you find yourself on the hamster wheel of destructive thoughts — the ones that make you feel terrible, scared, weak, and small every time you think them. Just notice how many times a day you have to say “Cancel!”

Now, imagine that you started replacing those thoughts with something else. Something that makes you feel good. Something easy to remember to say.

“I am a good and worthy person.”

“I deserve happiness, and happiness is coming to me.”

Make it something that purposefully counteracts the worst of the constantly cycling thoughts in your head.

The Secret Sauce:

I know that this is not a complex technique. You don’t have to read a big book in order to use it and benefit from it. But it’s very powerful, if you use it consistently.

Being consistent is the only key. As humans, we like novelty. We get bored with staying consistent with simple techniques like this, which are so powerful if used and used and used. They become more powerful the more you use them.

But try it for seven days, and tell me what happens. Be consistent. By sticking with this one, small, magical practice, you are teaching yourself that you can count on you to be on your own side (and not think thoughts that make your life darker and weaker).

Know that you are a loving and lovable woman who does not deserve to torment herself when outside forces are already hurting you. You are the one person you can count on 100% to love and give emotional support to yourself, if you will only love the precious woman you are.

And, of course, I am here for you too. All you have to do is reach out. 🌸


Purging after divorce: How your stuff is your own personal psychic

Do you look around your post-divorce digs every night and feel like you just hate it all?

Are you still in your old house and wondering about letting go of all this stuff — about purging after divorce?  

Are you in your first apartment after divorce and wondering how you got all this stuff, and whether any of it still belongs?  Or maybe you’ve gotten rid of everything and embraced total minimalism after divorce -- but it feels cold and disconnected

Whatever stage you’re in, take a look around your living space as it is right now because your home is your own personal psychic.

Why your first apartment after divorce is the best psychic you’ve ever met.

If you want a quick snapshot of where you are in your divorce healing journey, look around you at your home or apartment.  Your home is a living organism, and it will tell you what you need to do to heal.

It’s better than an oracle deck when it comes to figuring out where you are and what you need to do next, even if nothing else you’ve tried has worked so far.

When you look around your personal space, what does it tell you?

What does your home currently say about the life that you’re living?

If this weren’t your home, what would be your guess about the kind of person who lives here?  When you get that “snapshot” of who this person is, does it match the person you are deep inside, the you that you want to be?

If you’d like your space to provide you with comfort, love, and support, there are just two steps to take. First, let your home tell you what’s going on inside it (and inside you), and second, letting it be your guide to what you’d like to change (and let the darkness begin to lift).

Step 1: Answers from the crystal ball.

What’s in your home? Why is it there? What’s the history, and how does it make you feel now? It’s time to take a quick overview of everything.  

Are there lots of items scattered around the house that remind you of your ex?  How do you feel when you encounter these objects every day?

Every time you open the closet or look at that bookcase, do you see the wedding album, or that DVD you both loved? They’re having a subtle emotional impact on you even if you’re not consciously noticing them.

What about the kitchen?  Are you still cooking dishes that were his favorites (because you or the kids like them, too, but every time you make those recipes, there’s an undercurrent of sadness)?  Are there pictures of him on the fridge because you don’t want to upset your kids?

The living room: Out of necessity, you still have most of your marriage-era furniture?  Do you just not have the strength to clean or straighten, so it’s looking like a war zone?

The bedroom:  Are you sleeping on sheets that you used during your marriage?  Did you always hate the color scheme, but needed to have something neutral or masculine, for his comfort level?  And, now that color -- beige or grey or blue -- is the color of your battered heart?

And, last, the most private inner sanctum: Your closet.  What’s in there, and what is it saying to you? Is it a total mess, crowded with dreary stuff that’s old and vaguely worn out?  Is it full of items that feel bad whenever you wear them because they remind you of that fight, or of how he criticized how you look?  Are you not even sure what’s in your closet that actually makes you feel good?

Now, let’s go from the dark to the bright: Which items throughout your home bring you the most joy? Maybe, right now, these precious touchstones of your beauty and value are hidden underneath layers of everything else.

When those dusty layers of “not you” are brushed away, it’s always so exciting for my clients to see what emerges.  A special vision of themselves comes into view, as if really seeing themselves for the first time.

That’s how your house gives you the best psychic reading ever.  It tells you where you are right now, and gives you hints of where you can be, with just a few simple changes.  The feeling of your living space transforms, as well as what you believe can be possible for you.

But before we get there, let’s uncover what you love by dealing with what you don’t.

Step 2: Sweeping away the broken glass.

What I notice happens so often with divorcees who seek me out:  They feel they have to put the broken pieces back together, when it can be so much easier. Broken glass is dangerous. It’s so much better to sweep it up and get another cup.

When you did your Step 1, what things did you find that depressed you the most?  What are you itching to throw away (or at least hide away in your garage)? If you have lots of things in your space that are so not you, grab some post-it notes to inspire you.

You don’t have to do it all now. Go easy on yourself.

Box-up or Goodwill the things that are easy to grab, and slap post-it notes on the rest.  The post-it notes will remind you of how something makes you feel, or what you plan to do with it, or how you plan to dispose of it.  

Reassure your spirit that you are going to let her shine, even though you can’t get to everything right now.

Hate the color of that wall?  Throw a post-it note on it that says you’re going to get some paint chips to look at. Next time some cute bedspreads come across your newsfeed, take a screenshot.

Need to move marriage and family memorabilia out of your path?  Find a new home for that family photo in your kids’ room.

Do something “creative” with the wedding gifts that are still in your kitchen and you never liked anyway -- maybe using a hammer when no one else is around.

“You don’t get it:  I can hardly make it to work every day.”

DD purging ifo mockup.png

Yes, I totally do get it!  If you can’t even bear to think about doing the two-step process above, I have a special gift for you.  My top 5 suggestions for creating a first apartment after divorce that nurtures you, supports you, and makes you feel beautiful.  You can pick and choose among the five “get started” steps, and none of them takes more than a few minutes to do. Check it out here:

Should it stay or should it go?

I thought you might like to hear how this divorce decluttering and nest-creation worked out for some of my Dynamic Divorcee clients and Facebook friends.  Here’s some of what they did to heal while staking out their own space and their own style:

“My first home post divorce was bigger than the home I had with my ex. At first I was terrified to do anything. So afraid after years years of his crap!! But I painted it and furnished it and made it my own. It slowly reflected me. I was able to hang pictures on the walls but out nice things. He broke everything that was mine or in some way ruined or sabotaged what I tried to create. As I healed the house became more of a reflection of the home I wanted it to be. It showed  me what I could and more importantly let my kids see me get back up.” -- Teryl

“I got divorced almost 2 years ago and when I moved out I wanted a clean slate. Similar to the story posted on your post, I also finally bought the couch I wanted and chose the furniture and colors I wanted. I am for the first time very happy with my place. During my marriage I was very unhappy with my house and the furniture in the house. Our living room had the furniture from his old house (which I hated) and he never agreed to update anything. I love my place now and I am very happy with it and my new life.” -- Marciel

“My first post-divorce home was a small apartment about half the size or smaller than our marital home. When I left he wouldn’t let me have anything so I had a blank slate. I created my calming “beach house” retreat. I bought the fun blue plates I had always wanted, a white couch, bright colored comforters for the beds. And after leaving the atheist, I was able to put out my spiritual statues and hang positive quotes around. Rather than a toned down me, I was able to be fully and happily myself. My children and I even had a house blessing circle with all of my yogi friends and best friends when we moved in. I’m still here 7 years later with my new husband.” -- Hillary

“I'm remarried now. But it was the bed. It had to go. I bought a new one when I left. I told him to take our king-size when the divorce was final and I moved back into my house. He moved into my apartment. It might have been more practical for me to keep our old bed - it was already in the house, and the queen-size bed was already in the apartment. Plus the master bedroom in the house was big, whereas the larger bedroom in the apartment was much smaller. I didn't care. No way was I sleeping on the bed we had shared, not even for one night. Our court date was in the morning. He moved out with his bed, and I moved back in with mine in the afternoon.” -- Linda

“All the furniture. I replaced it all. It was no longer our space it was mine. So i bought the black couches I had always wanted and the decorations I always wanted. Put up pictures of all my friends and voila!! He was forgotten.” -- Claudia

“Left everything behind including those ‘friends’ that at the end ware not! I got rid of everything that reminds me of my ex and the last of him is gone just about few weeks ago when I found pictures of him. I moved to a small apartment but I always kept telling myself is only a transition to a better life!...and it was! I got new furniture, new clothes, new house, new friends and the best of all I have God and peace of mind. I left him with everything I bought in that apartment glad I did a least he has something to offer to his new wife.” -- Julia

And, in case a divorce decluttering guidebook would help . . .

Here are some of the books divorcees said were most helpful: