That's Enough: Dorothy Love Coates

For the Valentine's Day weekend, I submit for your approval this great gospel tune by Dorothy Love Coates.  If you're not a Jesus-person and your belief is centered on a different form of the divine, substitute that name for Jesus (as I do when I listen to this song).  Or, even more radical:  "I've got myself . . . and that's enough."

Great things to do with inspiring vintage gospel songs like this:  Get your cardio in while dancing and elevating your spirit!  Don't let the dregs of winter (and V-Day) get you down.  Uplevel yourself : )

And, P.S.:  Got some haters in your life?  This should be #1 on your playlist.

Check out the links below for more about the singer/songwriter and videos with more of her music.  Find out why she influenced a generation of R&B and soul greats, including Little Richard, Sam Cooke, and The Supremes.

What word would you use to fill in the blank:  "I've got __________, and that's enough"? 

Here are Dorothy Love Coates inspiring lyrics:
There's always somebody talking 'bout me, but really I don't mind
You're trying to block and stop my progress, most of the time
The mean things you say don't make me feel bad
'Cause I can't miss a friend that I never had

(I've got) I've got Jesus and that's enough
 When I'm sick (he's there) and troubled (he's there)
When I call him he will answer my prayers
 When I'm burdened (he's there) with a load (he's there)
That's when Jesus is a comforter (to my soul)
You may scorn me turn your back on me
He's got his arms wrapped all around me
(I've got) I've got Jesus and that's enough

You know there's been so many times when I didn't have a dime
And didn't tell nobody but my Lord
He heard my plea and came to see about me 'cause he's one thing
I can afford
When you push me down Jesus picks me up
Sticks by me when the goin' gets tough
(I've got) I've got Jesus and that's enough

We're talking about a great emancipator and a heart regulator
(Jesus is) yes He is
He'll make my way brighter and my burdens lighter 
yes He will (Jesus will)
When my enemies attack me, He sends me help
Don't leave me to fight these battles by myself
Takes care of my enemies when they try to get tough
And that's enough

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