get out of town!

Dear Readers:  You may have noticed that this blog hasn't been featuring as many posts these days about my solo weekend excursions, and not as many weekends squirreled up with netflix : ) .

It's fall, and that means I'm hosting many more events to support my business, creating lots of new workshops (more on that in subsequent posts), and receiving many more invitations:  birthdays (big 4-0 for some), book signings, theatrical friends appearing in plays around town, traveling to out-of-town trainings . . . ahhh, the make-the-best-of-it loneliness of summer has passed!

Photo at left is from a recent weekend in San Francisco.  While shopping on Haight Street, I thought it was fun to see an Asian-style altar to Jesus.

Hope you, too, are enjoying an overflow of social invitations.  And, from the 40+ Solo Weekender, look forward to more Chicago single excursion notes (when the odd solo weekend occurs), plus guest blog posts from a few out-of-the-ordinary relationship experts -- targeted toward those who are yearning for a partner in crime : )~