Divorce guest blogger: Don't be afraid to let go of old friends as you change

So many major changes have been happening in my life of late and I have grown and changed considerably as I continue to move into my full sparkly self.

As a result I have found recently that a number of people I once considered to be good friends seem to be no longer there. For a while it baffled me that some of them seemed to be getting really angry and upset with me, lashing out and blaming me for the problems in their own lives, playing the victim and telling me what a horrible person I am.

Following a blog post I read, it occurred to me that the reason for this is that I am no longer resonating with them energetically, we simply aren't on the same wavelength anymore.

As I have changed and raised my energetic vibration, I am just out of sync with them now so they are being drawn to others who are still vibrating on the same frequency as they are. That doesn't mean I am any better or worse than they are; it just means we don't resonate anymore.

It is not my job to rescue them or to try and force them to change, as they have their own life lessons to learn and will do so in their own time. It simply means that they will be drawn to different people than me and may continue to play the victim, blaming others for their problems until they realise that everything that happens in their life is their responsibility alone.

I'm just not going to accept their issues and blame anymore.

However there are still lots of wonderful friends who support my growth and continue to resonate so beautifully with me, no matter how much I change and grow as a person and as an energetic soul.  And many wonderful new people are starting to come into my life who resonate with me at a whole new level of understanding and love.

Don't be afraid to let go of old friends as you change, and don't be angry or sad, just send them love and compassion and understand this is you moving on with your life as you grow.

Debbie Holland is a spiritual life coach and writer based on Darwin in the NT. From here she runs her blog, is finishing up her first book and runs a variety of workshops and events including full moon meditations every month. To learn more, visit Debbie on Facebook.