Divorcees: Give your life a vibration makeover.

Have you ever walked into someone's home and, visually, you couldn't spot anything unusual, but somehow, you couldn't wait to get out of there?

Or, maybe there was something you could see:  Drab, dingy colors.  Everything old and worn.  Dusty and musty.  Uncared for.

Maybe the people inside seemed a little bit anxious and edgy -- nothing you could really put your finger on, but there was something.  You just didn't feel comfortable.

How about the opposite?  Have you ever met someone for the first time, and there was something in her eyes, or in her handshake, or in her hug that made you feel so warm and understood and happy.  Even though you didn't know the person at all.

This is the power of vibration.  Everything and everyone has a vibration.

Last month, I asked women in my Facebook communities to tell me what made them feel beautiful.  The answers tended to fall into a few different categories:

  • Self-care (like going to the spa, exercising, buying a new pair of shoes . . .)
  • Receiving validation (like a hug or a compliment)
  • Making a difference (being of help to friends or family, teaching a class or a workshop, using talents)
  • Being one with nature (feeling the sunlight, spending time outdoors . . .)

All of these work on enlivening your vibration -- increasing your life energy or prana (as yogis would say).  But, today I want to focus on just one of them -- ways you can feel better all on your own and without having to spend a cent.

Household magic that works as divorce healing magic.

When we want to make a room feel better, the first thing we do is to straighten things up, and maybe do some cleaning.  If we want to go even further, we might paint the walls, throw away knick knacks that are too tiresome to dust, or dispose of a few worn pieces of furniture.

Immediately, things feel better.  You don't have to wonder whether what you did was helpful -- you can feel that it worked, right away.

You can do some personal housecleaning simply by taking a bath or shower, washing your hair -- and, while doing so, why not say a prayer or repeat some positive affirmations that remind you of the changes ou want to see in your life, and how you want to feel better.

Put on clean clothes.  Moisturize your skin, saying nice things to yourself (or thinking soothing words) while you massage the cream into your skin.  Be sweet to yourself.

You may be thinking, "What's the big deal?  I take a shower every day."  But, in the vibration game, it's not what you do, it's how you do it.  It's all about the love you shower on yourself while you're showering : ) .

You could also put on some music, take a walk outside, make yourself a delicious snack or cup of tea -- anything that doesn't involve looking at an electronic device or doing a chore you dislike.  

Practice hanging out with yourself -- no interference -- for at least the few minutes it takes to bring your spirit to a little bit better place.   Don't worry:  Everything and everyone will still be there five or ten or 20 minutes later when you come back to the surface.

We play with vibration a lot in all of my coaching programs, and it's surprisingly easy to go from feeling like the equivalent of a dusty, abandoned room to feeling airy, sunlit, and welcoming.

A gift to yourself that ends up being for everyone else, too.

These "vibration makeover" activities not only make you feel happy in your own skin, but have a profound effect on everyone you meet.  You become one of those magnetic women who light up the room just by walking into it.  

But that's just a side benefit.  What's really important is learning the magic skills of soothing your worries and calming your overworked mind.  It's figuring out how to make your personal home (your body, mind, and emotions) a happy place for you to be -- a place that feels good to you. 

If you'd like to find out more about how you can start radiating happiness and well-being (even as you continue to recover emotionally from your divorce), you can take a look at my "questions women ask" page, and schedule a free get-acquainted call with me to talk about where you're at and where you'd like to be.

For something you can do between now and when we talk:  Begin to notice the various vibrations of the people in your life.  Spend more time with the ones who radiate good feelings, and try to reduce the time you spend with ones who drain you.  After a few days of this practice, see how much better you feel.