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The Dynamic Divorcée YouTube Channel
Many of you may not know that The Dynamic Divorcée has a YouTube channel.

It started as a resource for my clients, but now I want to share it with all of you. 

What's on the channel right now? 

A webinar with me, based on a recent Inspired Conferences teleseminar.  And, learn more about my story and how what I've been through can help you when you listen to an interview with me on Women Warriors radio (complete with visuals that enhance the story).

Don't miss our always expanding Divorce Recovery Top Hits playlist, where women who are members of our Facebook community contribute the songs that most helped them get through their divorces.  (Have a song you think should be shared with other divorcées?  Comment below and help other women rock out and get their mojo working.) 

What else?  Check out our Feel Better, Divorcées playlist that includes soothing morning and evening meditations with Louise Hay, an incredible Ted Talk on self-esteem by Niko Everett, an energetic clearing on the topic of Self-Brutality by Mellissa Seaman, an introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) with Nick Ortner and Louise Hay, an array of calming yoga techniques, and even a stress-busting green juice recipe.  

Plus a few of my favorite Abraham-Hicks audios on the subject of relationships, with topics that include: 
  • We broke up and he married someone else, but I still love him.
  • Why don't my relationships last?
  • I want to find the perfect mate.
  • Relationships:  Don't try to convince anybody of anything.

This channel was designed to be your own personal, private seminar on emotional recovery from divorce.

Check it out, and let me know what you think -- and suggest any YouTube content that you think I should add to the channel : ) .