the power of introverts

First of all, my new favorite blog:  Single and Happy / The Party of Ones.  Second, how I found it:  Blog post on the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking, about which I had heard in a Terry Gross interview on NPR.

So, rather than rehash the anecdotes I've already heard about this book, and state the obvious about what introversion may have to do with those of us who prefer hanging out at home to the average date available to the over-40 gal, I refer you to the Single and Happy blog by J. Victoria Sanders.

And, apparently, she's just published her own book, uncannily titled Single and Happy:  The Party of Ones.  She's just 35, but . . . 35, 45, not really much difference, I say.  Yeah, a little more awful as the years go by, but it's a challenging enough lifestyle even at 35 (as I recall).  You'll find a lot to ponder on the Single and Happy blog -- but I haven't run into much (so far) that fit the "happy" descriptor.

Here's an interesting one:  What is the hardest thing about being single?  Check out the responses and see if you agree.

And, if anyone is reading these posts and wonders why she hasn't seen a restaurant or entertainment review on this blog for a while, it's winter and I usually hibernate until spring.  But photos of my first-ever birthday dance party will be forthcoming.  In true introvert fashion, I brought the party to me : )