Let your body send the message, "I'm ready to receive!"

Ever notice how some people attract you on sight?  They may or may not be conventionally beautiful, but you immediately warm up to them, and they look so full of life and energy that you just want to get near them and bask in the glow?  Or, they have that air of mystery: eyes that intrigue you and make you wonder who they are?

Maybe not so coincidentally, these same fascinating people often have it all.  They magnetize people, things, and situations to come to them.  They're not beating their heads against a wall or pushing a boulder up a mountain.  

Hmmmm. How can it be so easy for some people and not for others?  

If you've pondered this question from time to time, I'd like to shed some light on one aspect of it.

These magnetic personalities are connected to their own personal security system, so they feel whole and complete within themselves.

Of course, just like the rest of us, they sometimes feel worried or anxious.  And, of course, just like everyone else, they have the usual array of problems that come along in life.  

But these "attractors" or "magnetizers" have a way of calming and nurturing themselves so that they attract people and situations that are healthy and have lots to give -- and they won't feel attracted to people and situations that deplete them.

If you're one of those people who feels "everything happens to me," and have the evidence to prove it, have you ever asked yourself, "Why does this happen to me?"

  There are so many different reasons that it's impossible to list them all, but here are a few prominent ones that I see often with my clients:

  • Maybe you grew up in an atmosphere where you were afraid, rejected, criticized, or just didn't have enough space to "be you."
  • Maybe you moved around a lot and never felt the deep sensation of having a home or being "at home" in your surroundings.
  • Maybe you just never felt loved, safe, and secure.
  • Maybe you were raised to believe that there's never enough, or that the good things in life are for other people, lucky people, but "not for us."
  • Maybe you've been through so many tough times yourself that you question whether you can ever feel settled down, or feel that people, life, or even God will ever be on your side.

Your source of personal magnetism

Imagine your personal attractiveness and magnetism as a beautiful bowl of energy that you carry within you, at the level of your pelvis.  

There are many easy ways you can fill this bowl full of a powerful energy that you can imagine as a honey-like substance that radiates beauty and attraction from your every pore.  But there are also many ways that this energy can evaporate and dry up so that you feel weak, tired, and disconnected.

How does this beautiful life force evaporate?  I bet you already know.  Stress, tension, worry, energy-draining people in your life, relationships that don't make you feel happy and fulfilled.

In order to fill your bowl of beautiful, honey-like energy and feel ready to receive even more goodness everywhere you turn, here are a few suggestions.

  The more they seem a little outside your comfort zone, the more you should try them.  You have nothing to lose!

  • Does it annoy you when people tell you to relax?  Try relaxing in a different way.  Relax your pelvis and lower back first.  Release tension from your legs and feet and let them sink into the floor.  Loosen your knees.  Take a big, deep breath into your pelvis, and imagine it expanding and going from feeling tense and dry to feeling soft and open.
  • Picture a beautiful, golden bowl balanced within your pelvis, filling with life-giving honey-like energy that moves up through your body feeding every cell.  Inhale this warm, sunny energy and feel it shining out through every pore.
  • Choose an magnetism mentor who is already very connected to her power source, and see how she moves.  (One of my favorites is film actress Sophia Loren.)  See how what is within her being radiates out to be expressed by her physical form.  You have this power, too, in your own unique way.
  • Check in with your pelvis to see how you're feeling at any given moment.  Place your hands on your abdomen under your navel, and breathe into the hands.  Stretch your lower back and do a few hip circles.  Relax your sitting bones into your chair, if you're sitting down.
  • Take a deep inhalation, and then open your mouth, let your tongue out and fully exhale, as if you're exhaling everything unwanted out through your sitting bones.
  • Now try walking from this place.  Your hips are soft and relaxed, and right underneath you, supporting you.  Because of this, your upper body is relaxed and confident.  You are completely safe and in your power.  Take a look at this:


Okay, so how does all of this help you to receive more and more of all the good things life has to offer? 

All I ask is that you try it, stay in a state of luxurious self-awareness of your body, and see what happens.

If you try these suggestions and love them, maybe you're ready to quickly dissolve your own resistance to receiving in a very big way,and see your life transform in just two hours.  

When you embody it, you receive it.

I'm teaching new, body-centered information in a brief, one-on-one workshop via Skype that has never been available in any of my other programs.  It's some of my most powerful coaching ever, but until now, I've held back from offering some of the most important secrets I developed for myself, thinking that maybe this information was a little too "out there."  (But, please don't worry.  There's nothing embarrassing, or too personal in this program.)

As you can see from the little taste of the program above, it's based on getting out of the brain and into the body and emotions so that you end up with a more powerful presence and "aura" that elicits the kind of behavior from others that you've always wanted.

Invisible to Irresistible in Just 2 Hours

This is a 2-hour individual coaching program via online video call (don't worry, it's easy to access) that gets to the root of the most common challenge I find that divorced women have:  being able to believe they are worthy and be able to radiate confidence from the moment they enter a room (so they receive great treatment from the men -- and everyone else -- in their lives).    

Want to know if this program is for you?  Think about these questions:

  • Do the important people in your life respect you, treat you as a precious, adored person, or do they tend to take advantage of you? 
  • Do you accept compliments easily, knowing that you deserve them, or do you deflate them? 
  • Do you receive all the support and help you need, or are you exhausted and struggling? 
  • Do you overdo and over-give, or can you comfortably sit back and receive? 
  • What kinds of thoughts play continually in your mind?  Are they about how happy and excited you are about life, or are they more about worry, anxiety, and all of the things you wish were different?

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