The Evening Star: Shirley MacLaine on a fabulous rampage

This weekend's viewing is the 1996 sequel to Terms of Endearment and for the 40+ single woman, this is a must-see.

The Evening Star is all about the complex and irascible Aurora character (who was, to me, by far the most interesting character in Terms of Endearment) as her grandchildren reach adulthood.  How she copes and thrives; the men in her life and their functions within it.  This was interesting, and true to life, as it seems to me that mid-life women often have to compartmentalize the men in our lives -- you often can't count on one person for very much.   In my opinion, Shirley MacLaine's best role ever.

A favorite line:  "Men come and go, and if you're lucky, the good ones come and go several times."  I can second that; unfortunately, the bad ones often return as well -- much more frequently than one would like!