Halo Halo

Today's Sunday solo excursion was a late afternoon bike ride through Horner Park and the adorable Rockwell Gardens neighborhood over to Isla Pilipina, 2501 W. Lawrence Ave., to take away an order of halo halo for a leisurely stroll through Lincoln Square.

Even on Sunday afternoon, most shops and boutiques along the Lincoln Ave. drag are open for business, and it's a pleasant promenade for families among the flower-filled outdoor dining options, and past the bubbling fountain that fronts Cafe Selmarie.

Love Rockwell Gardens!  Friendly neighbors smile and say hello, and it's a hidden jewel amid the grittier surrounding big streets.

But what about the halo halo?  It's a combination of  crushed ice, gelatin, red beans, coconut strips, jackfruit,  evaporated milk, and purple yam ice cream.  Sometimes there's lychee or rambutan in it, and there are probably additional incredients that only a Filipino would know about!