Film of the week: Alice

Here's my home-alone pick of the week:  Woody Allen's 1990 film Alice, with the ever-irritatingly milquetoasty Mia Farrow as our heroine.

With the help of traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Dr. Yang, Alice Tate navigates the crumbling of illusions that comprise her pampered New York society lifestyle.

By the end of the film, Dr. Yang, says, "I think Mrs. Tate has better idea of who is is than before she came to Dr. Yang. Who her friends are and are not. Who is husband, lover, sister, mother.  What are her needs, her limits, her gifts.  What are her innermost feelings.  May not know all answers, but.  Has better idea.  Now must decide which road her life will take."

If you're over age 40, you've probably had a moment like this, in which you realize that your previous reality wasn't really real : ) .  Great movie for a Sunday afternoon.