Masa Azul

Another low-key spot to try on a Sunday night that happened to have plenty of room at the small, but lovely bar:  Masa Azul at 2901 W. Diversey

Full disclosure:  I visited at 9pm on a Sunday night with a gentleman friend, but would feel equally at home to visit solo with a favorite book in tow.

Pictured at left is knowledgeable and affable owner Jason Lerner, who took time to chat and to suggest tequilas for us to try.  Tequila menu has dozens of varieties on hand, with fascinating differences in aroma and flavor.  Modern Southwest menu is fabulous, too, in case you're staying for dinner.

My favorite cocktail at the moment is the Horse with no Name, featuring (according to the menu) "Casa Noble Reposado, Jo Snow Lavender syrup, lemon, and bubbles"

And, if you don't know about Jo Snow, please visit the site of syrup alchemist (and cool person) Melissa Yen.