7-Day Divorce Healing Facebook Jumpstart

How can I make it even quicker and easier to emotionally heal from divorce?

As a divorce recovery coach, I ask myself this question every day.

To the left, you can see one of my favorite memes that I created to help my dynamic divorcees get a few quick emotional wins right away, so that they'll believe that the process I take them through really works.

And, I just started thinking . . . this is a valuable little exercise for anyone who follows me and reads my stuff.

It can stand alone as a way to believe that you are never stuck, even if it feels that way.  You can always shift the view to something that gives you enough hope to wake up the next day and take the next step.

So, my question is: Do you want to try this?  With me, for free, on Facebook.

Get a little support in doing for yourself what you wish he had done for you. You know the things. Ask yourself what you need. Then, give it to yourself.

Feel that you are worthy to deserve excellent treatment from yourself. Stop hurting yourself by feeling that, if you were "good enough" or worthy enough, he would have treated you better. Your worth had nothing to do with how he behaved. You make yourself more beautiful to the outside world by how well you treat yourself.
Receive support in developing the new habit of reminding yourself, throughout each day, of the things you love about you. Stuck on this one? What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What were your passions before you got married? What do people tend to compliment you on?

Learn how to cheer yourself on when no one else seems to know what you need or has time to give it. Remind yourself that YOU KNOW the value of the spirit inside you. Deep down, YOU KNOW that you were meant for more than where you are right now.

7-Day Jumpstart on Facebook: 

Would you like some free, online support, over 7 days, to try the simple steps above?  Let me know!  Comment below this post, or, if you're seeing this on Facebook, comment on the post!

UPDATE 8.7.18: I've heard from a bunch of women who are saying yes to the 7-Day Self-Love Facebook Jumpstart.  So . . . the seven days will begin the week after Labor Day, starting Sunday, Sept. 9 and finishing on Saturday, Sept. 15.  The best way to make sure you get all of the details is to contact me here and let me know you want in on the Jumpstart : )


What I Did for Valentine's Day: One Billion Rising

I thought that maybe you'd like to see how I spent V-Day 2013.  I choreographed a little bit of flamenco fusion to "Break the Chain," the official music for the One Billion Rising organization's flash mob initiative:  bringing awareness to violence and abuse against women and girls worldwide.

Probably not my greatest achievement in the art of flamenco, but we needed something very simple, with a flamenco flavor, that we could teach to a variety of students and supporters -- many of whom had no previous dance experience.

Here's how it turned out.  My favorite part is at the end where everyone joins in and freestyles.  V-Day 2013 at Union Station in downtown Chicago:

For more about One Billion Rising and why we rose up in support:

And here's a big flash mob group that took place the same day at Daley Plaza:

Taking back V-Day with beautiful women-power.  Love to all!

get out of town!

Dear Readers:  You may have noticed that this blog hasn't been featuring as many posts these days about my solo weekend excursions, and not as many weekends squirreled up with netflix : ) .

It's fall, and that means I'm hosting many more events to support my business, creating lots of new workshops (more on that in subsequent posts), and receiving many more invitations:  birthdays (big 4-0 for some), book signings, theatrical friends appearing in plays around town, traveling to out-of-town trainings . . . ahhh, the make-the-best-of-it loneliness of summer has passed!

Photo at left is from a recent weekend in San Francisco.  While shopping on Haight Street, I thought it was fun to see an Asian-style altar to Jesus.

Hope you, too, are enjoying an overflow of social invitations.  And, from the 40+ Solo Weekender, look forward to more Chicago single excursion notes (when the odd solo weekend occurs), plus guest blog posts from a few out-of-the-ordinary relationship experts -- targeted toward those who are yearning for a partner in crime : )~

Masa Azul

Another low-key spot to try on a Sunday night that happened to have plenty of room at the small, but lovely bar:  Masa Azul at 2901 W. Diversey

Full disclosure:  I visited at 9pm on a Sunday night with a gentleman friend, but would feel equally at home to visit solo with a favorite book in tow.

Pictured at left is knowledgeable and affable owner Jason Lerner, who took time to chat and to suggest tequilas for us to try.  Tequila menu has dozens of varieties on hand, with fascinating differences in aroma and flavor.  Modern Southwest menu is fabulous, too, in case you're staying for dinner.

My favorite cocktail at the moment is the Horse with no Name, featuring (according to the menu) "Casa Noble Reposado, Jo Snow Lavender syrup, lemon, and bubbles"

And, if you don't know about Jo Snow, please visit the site of syrup alchemist (and cool person) Melissa Yen. 


This Sunday, it's sushi :)

Today's solo Sunday brunch was sushi and sake at Hot Woks Cool Sushi, 2032 W.Roscoe St.  Perfect solo brunch spot:  Not crowded at all, soft techno playing in the background, surprisingly upscale service for a neighborhood Asian restaurant, and great decor (which this photo doesn't show -- trust me, it's cool, elegant, and restores your spirits).

While it's an intimate space, you'll still feel a sense of urban retreat:  plenty of space between tables and an unhurried vibe.  And there's cute sidewalk dining, too.

Full menu of typical Chinese dishes in addition to sushi -- plus lunch specials, such as two maki rolls with a bowl of miso soup for $8.95.  I tried The Confusion Roll ($13.95):  asparagus and sweet potato tempura folded in a maki topped with diced super white tuna and salmon drizzled with mandarin orange aioli.  Everything is beautifully plated, and there's quite a good sake list as well as signature cocktails.

After your meal, wander along Roscoe St. and window shop, or visit Black Dog Gelato, 1955 W. Belmont (just blocks away), with its menu of amazing unique flavors -- a current favorite of mine is basil strawberry sorbet -- or, have their Turkish iced coffee infused with cardamom pods.  Plus, adorable decor and friendly staff who will let you taste everything :) .

Solo Sunday Brunch

I love brunch, but when it's Sunday, dining alone can make you feel very, very single.

Today, I spent an hour or so cruising neighborhood brunch spots, packed to the walls with noisy, happy throngs of families and friends, and thought, nah . . . .   I'm looking for a pleasant, low-key atmosphere. Interesting food and drinks. Maybe a spot where I can eat at the bar and read a book. And not feel like an exotic zoo animal.

Here it is:  Yusho at 2853 N. Kedzie Ave. in Logan Square.

It's not exactly a brunch: You get a bowl of noodles (I had grilled shrimp, bonito, kimchi, and bamboo shoots), a draught cocktail (tequila punch with Herencia Blanco, Leopold Three Pines, salers, lemon, roasted kombu), and a cup of soft-serve with basil and coconut croutons for $20.

Atmosphere and music were great, the place wasn't crowded, bar staff was friendly, and it felt fine to be dining solo.

From their website, here's more about Yusho: Street food is the great equalizer—no glamour required. Yakitori, when well-executed, is about the simple flavors of authentic street food. A hot grill provides intense flavors from seasonal proteins and vegetables, grilled to order over a chattering, hissing fire. Beer, wine and sake selections complement the fresh-grilled flavors. Craft cocktails, wines and spirits are chosen for customized meal pairings. Experiment and discover!