About Me

In 2007, I was totally blindsided by my husband’s 4-year secret life with another woman, and, in the same year I was divorced, I was diagnosed with cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, my business burned to the ground, and I lost my mother to the final stages of leukemia.

At that point, I got the message that the universe was trying to get through to me. So I decided to listen, and the result was The Dynamic Divorcee.

 It’s been a productive eight years: I’ve created a breakthrough system for quick recovery called 7 Post-Divorce Super Secrets to Become the Woman You Always Meant to Be.

Along the way, I’ve authored several groundbreaking programs including Prepare to Be Loved (a program that helps divorced women prepare to find the love that has eluded them so far), and 5 Very Surprising Cures for the Holiday Blues (how to survive -- and enjoy -- the holiday season during the first year or two after divorce).   I’ve been a speaker for Inspired Conferences, and a guest on Women Warriors Radio.

How is my life today? The best time of my life in every way -- including fulfilling relationships with men (I'm enjoying my freedom so much that I've turned down a few marriage proposals so far). And I'm so grateful to my ex-husband. Without the actions that blew up our marriage, I'd never have had the happy and exciting life that now have.

It’s so exciting that I now get to share with women worldwide the secrets I’ve learned (not just about using the aftermath of divorce to completely uplevel your life, but to live with passion as a woman).  This is a journey that began for me in the 1990s when I left my career as a writer and publicist to become a professional flamenco dancer (!) and create Chicago’s most successful flamenco dance studio, transforming the lives of more than 1000 women of all ages along the way.

Want to know more about how you can become powerful, irresistible, and step into the woman you always meant to be?   You can grab a free personal 30 minutes with me via Skype or phone, where you can share what's on your mind and get some answers to the most pressing concerns you have right now.  I would love to be in touch with you in a more personal way -- you can contact me here.

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