Schedule a Divorce Healing Breakthrough Session to Feel Better Fast

Want to spend a little one-on-one time with me, and receive some specific-to-you strategies in order to feel better immediately?

I usually have a few 30-minute time slots each month set aside to do low-cost breakthrough sessions (I call them virtual coffee dates) with divorced women who realize that they need something more than the divorce recovery path they're already on -- and would like to ask some questions of someone who makes this her life's work, and who really cares.

I've lived through the pain of divorce, and the domino effect of life seeming to crash around you, in so many ways, at the same time.   Have you been trying to remember who you used to be, or thinking about the woman you always meant to be -- the one who got lost along the way?

You'll receive a truly generous amount of information on steps you can take right now that will have immediate, exciting results for you.  It will be easy and fun!  (Ever notice how no one ever promises you that?  It's because no one else has developed the system that I have.)

Want to hear from a few women who have taken me up on this offer recently?

"Just 20 minutes with Rosetta was so very helpful." -- Tonia
"After working with Rosetta, I now have my very own 'brand'(a beautiful, clear picture of who I am), a plan of action, and feel better about myself and more powerful than I have felt in a long time. I can’t wait to get started on the new me." -- Mary Beth

Interested?   Just pick your day and time here: