6 Favorite Things: My Divorce-Healing Toolkit Updated

Ink and watercolor:  Arna Baartz

Ink and watercolor:  Arna Baartz

It's been 2 1/2 years since the last time I did a favorite things blog post.  So, I felt it was time for some new ones. 

My original favorites post from 2014 covered all five senses, but this time, I'm focusing on the visual sense only:  visual art, oracle cards, books, and an app.

(Curious about my August 2014 favorites?  Here they are!)

Below you'll find a selection of things that make me (and my coaching clients) feel happy and loved.

Try them out, and please let me know what you think in the comments below.


Goddess Guidance Cards by Doreen Virtue.  My favorite single-card oracle ever.   You receive 44 beautifully designed, gold-edged oracle cards, each one featuring a different goddess (from among the world's traditions) along with a brief message.  The accompanying booklet provides a more detailed message and additional guidance for each card.

Less than $15 on Amazon and so beautiful.  Makes you feel so loved -- as if you're being protected by all the powerful women throughout history.  (And, you are, if you ask.)




My Shining Year Workbooks and Planner (last chance to get them this year!)  These would have been on my favorites list no matter what, but right now, they're on sale at 50% off.

There are two workbooks, plus a planner, plus other fun stuff. Depending on how planner-y you are, you can mix and match this stuff to your heart's content.

One workbook is for your personal life and goals (which helps you get to all the juicy stuff that keeps getting pushed aside from year to year). There's also a hippie-dippy (but very practical) workbook for those who run a business. Then, there's the gorgeous daily planner . . . .

If you want to smile and feel loved every time you open up your planner, find out all about it (videos and more) here.


Succulent Wild Woman by SARK.  A classic from 1997.  The positive, loving aura this book exudes -- just holding it your hands -- is incredible.  One of the original wildly colored, giving-you-permission-to-be-you guidebooks.  It still inspires me, as when I recently wrote a blog post about what succulent plants can teach us.  (Bonus video of SARK in that blog post, too!)

Does this look a little too woo-woo for you?  At less than $13 on Amazon, give it a try.  At the very least, you'll smile.  Imagine, women were giving themselves permission to be wild and free way back in the last millennium.  Yes, you do have the right to be YOU!


I Need Your Love --  Is That True? by Byron Katie.  If you're not familiar with the work of Byron Katie, here is a concise and powerful introduction.  

The book focuses on four simple questions to use when something is upsetting you.  These are questions that help to stop your mind and emotions from reeling out of control -- because we do often have more control than we think we do when it comes to handling challenging situations in life.

The four questions (which I use frequently in working with coaching clients) are:

  • Is what I’m thinking true?
  • Can I absolutely know it’s true?
  • How do I react or feel when I believe that upsetting thought?
  • Who would I be without the thought?  (Since I can’t know for certain that a troubling thought is absolutely true, what relief would I experience if I can allow myself to let go of it?)

I find that all of the best techniques for emotional healing are simple ones.  Try this.  Less than $10 on Amazon.


Focus Wheel app.  This is a very simple app that gives you a pinwheel where you start by typing into the center an affirmation or a quality you’d like to nurture within yourself.  

Then, around this central focus, you type 12 statements that support the way you’d like to feel or the changes you’d like to bring about in your life.  

This is a great focal point to refer to when you wake up in the morning and throughout your day, so that you keep your thoughts on what you do want and what your dreams and goals ARE, rather than on the things you don’t want.

For example, in the center you could say, “Things are always working out for me,” and then, surrounding this central image, you could write supporting statements such as, “I always have what I need,” “My next step is clear when I look within” . . . .

Focus WHeel Filled In:  Center Says what you want to experience, and the 12 outer segments hold your supporting statements (the ideas that help you to believe in what you want).

Focus WHeel Filled In:  Center Says what you want to experience, and the 12 outer segments hold your supporting statements (the ideas that help you to believe in what you want).

Here's a pretty good explanation of the Focus Wheel Process -- but stick with just 12 statements on your wheel.  The more complex template this writer offers is confusing and makes things more difficult.  I also disagree with her opinion that this is an instant solution.  

Yes, you will feel better immediately, but you'll want to keep the wheels you've created so that next time the same negative thoughts arise, you've got your Focus Wheel handy.  That's the beauty of the whole thing!

Get the app free at the iTunes Store or on Google Play.


Ink and Watercolor:  Arna Baartz

Ink and Watercolor:  Arna Baartz



And now to close with my very favorite favorite:

The art of Arna Baartz inspires me and heals me in a way that only it can do.

I first became aware of Arna's work through The Girl God facebook page, and I drench myself in her beautiful, vibrant works just about every day.  I also love her oracle deck, The Art of Kundalini, which will be available again later this year.  But, she currently has a completely new 40-card oracle deck available, Birds are Angels, and you can see the images here.

In addition to her art prints, card decks, and wearable art, Arna offers creative courses online.  There's a lot to explore, if her work speaks to you.

Here's a little glimpse of the artist: