3 ways to get to where you want to be with just 4 months left in 2016

We're approaching the last quarter of 2016, and I've been hearing a lot of talk everywhere I go about how unexpected events have gotten in the way of where people wanted to be by now.

Physical injuries, job loss, family chaos -- these are the top three categories I've been hearing about since spring.  "I can't move forward because life keeps getting in the way."

But, you know what?  Life will always keep getting in the way, because that's what life tends to do.  During the brief periods where everything is going right, we just don't notice that generally, life means change.  And the changes don't always go the way we'd prefer.

So I want to keep it simple and give you just 3 ideas that can get you to feeling good about 2016 when January comes around.

1.  Choose one, most important, area of your life to make progress in.  You know the one.  Imagine yourself on New Year's Eve, thinking about the past year, and feeling, "You know what?  I don't care about the rest of it; at least I feel really proud that I took a step forward with ___________."  (And, when you choose that area to work on before year's end, chunk it down into tiny steps that you can really do.)

2.  Figure out the little things that make you feel good.  Really good.  Don't wait until things are perfect to start enjoying your life.  Have that one little thing, every day, that you can look back on before bed, smile, and think, "I really loved that."  Life is made up of tiny moments, not just the big issues that drive you crazy.

3.  Forgive yourself for not accomplishing more, but don't let yourself off the hook entirely.  This is your life.  It's precious.  You're precious.  Take action.  Do something.  Something is always better than nothing, even if it ends up not being "the" thing.  If you're taking action, you're learning.  And, the most important part of forgiving yourself?  Come up with some fun strategies to feel more precious and worthy by December.  Dare to treat yourself with kindness and love.  (I like to keep a notebook in which I jot down the positive things that happen -- and that I make happen -- each day.  At year's end, I get to page through my notebook and see what a blessed year it was, even if I didn't fully realize it during the normal chaos of life.)

There's still time to make some dreams come true this year.  Keep it simple.  Take some actions that prove to yourself that you matter.  Give yourself a hug every morning.  And don't let the good stuff be lost in the midst of the daily grind.

As always, sending love and hugs your way!