Still feeling awful months (years) after the divorce? 10 reasons why it might be time to turn to a coach.

Feel the self-love and happiness every day.

It's easier than you think.

After the initial flush of relief when your divorce became final, did the frightening reality set in?  Are you still feeling shaken and off-balance many months (or years) later?

Maybe you've accepted this as the new normal for you:  Lonely, overwhelmed with responsibility, exhausted from giving more and more while receiving less and less in relationships.

Maybe you don't really believe that anyone has an answer for you.

But, wouldn't be worth it to check out the one thing you haven't tried yet?  Maybe you don't realize that someone out there can ask the right questions and help you start identifying and living your dreams.  All you need is to know the steps to take and start on the path, step by step.

Here are a few reasons you might want to stop waiting and find out what it's like to work with a divorce healing coach:

  1. The right coach has a proven step-by-step system to take you where you want to go in your life and in your relationships.  Over the years, I've developed my 7 Steps to Divorce Recovery™, which is a complete path that will change your life in just four months.
  1. This means that coaching (or, at least my style of coaching) is results oriented (unlike open-ended talk therapy or mere commiseration with other divorced people in a group situation).  You can look forward to your life changing for the better -- and quickly -- if you decide that you're ready for change and are willing to work on it a little bit each week.
  1. The focus is entirely on you and your individual needs -- and your coach has the answers you need because she has stood in your shoes, has experienced divorce firsthand, and has overcome many many obstacles on her own.  If your coach is like me, she has developed a specific system that gets dramatic results for her clients in a short period of time.  You're not getting your advice from a therapist who hasn't been where you are, or a friend who's happily married, or a coworker who's still trying to heal from her own divorce (and making a lot of costly mistakes along the way). 
  1. You'll get the most efficient and practical steps to heal and reach a level of personal happiness and attractiveness that may be completely new to you.  It's so exciting that there are coaches who are uniquely qualified to help you get there quickly, and with just the support you need right now. 
  1. In an initial conversation with a coach you can get to know your partner in recovery, to see if she is someone who can take you from where you are to where you want to be -- you'll feel it, if you know that working with her is something you want . . . and you'll also feel it if she's not the right fit for you.
  1. This initial conversation is very valuable in itself:  You'll learn more about yourself during the call -- you'll see clearly the changes you want to make and the future life you want to live, as you may never have verbalized it before.  
  1. During an initial conversation with a coach, the two of you will come to a meeting of the minds (and hearts) on what's possible for you, and how to get there.
  1. Your potential coach will give you several options for working together, so you'll be able to find an option that gives you the amount of support you need, and that you feel is just right for you.
  1. There's no pressure.  Many women are afraid to have this initial conversation because they think there will be some pushy sales aspect to it.  That's never the case (at least not with me).  But aren't you curious to learn what it's like to work with a divorce healing coach whose entire focus is that you heal as quickly as possible and have a better life than ever before?  After you hear about your options, the decision is then yours, and, if it's a no, it's a no : ) .  No one should pressure you in any way.
  1. You can expect some insightful "extras" on the initial call:  Your coach may have some suggestions for you to help you get through a difficulty you're having right now (even before you become a client), and the coaching packages she'll offer you may include some very juicy free bonuses.  (My 5-hour Prepare to Be Loved program comes as a free bonus with one of the packages I offer, and every one of my packages has at least one special bonus attached to it.)

If you've tried everything else, or you just don't believe that there's anything out there that can make a difference for you, I invite you to find a divorce recovery coach whose blog and facebook page you like.  Contact her, and let her reach back to you.

Here's how to contact me: Just click here