try just one new thing: find it on my youtube channel

Sometimes, getting unstuck can start with trying just one new thing.  While you're trying to figure out what your life is supposed to be about post-divorce, the task can seem sooooo huge.

Where do you start?  Why even try?  It's so tempting to pull the blanket over your head and hibernate until it all passes.  Except that it doesn't.

Youtube can be a great source to find that one simple technique or practice that might resonate with you.  Just a little something to hang onto and get you started.  One baby step at a time.

Baby steps are what this blog is all about.  And my coaching practice is, at its core, about holding a client's hand and helping her to see the exact steps that will bring her to the life she wants to have.  First, I help her identify what that life would look like.  Then, we see how it can be possible.  Then, my client (with my support) decides on the baby steps and starts to take them.  We're together every step of the way to celebrate the victories and decide what to do when a set-back occurs.

But, you may think you're not ready to seek out help.  Yet.

In the meanwhile, in addition to this blog, I have a selection of expert videos on my youtube channel with techniques that range from breathing practices to yoga to foods that relieve stress.  Of course, you can also have fun searching youtube to find your own "one new thing."

You'll also find some valuable resources from me on my channel.

Here's where you can hear my story in an interview on the Women Warriors radio show (plus some great strategies on preparing to be loved and finding the guy of your dreams post-divorce):

And here's an online workshop with me (originally given as part of the teleseminar series Find Your Fire):

If you've found a video with a technique or tip that has really helped you, and that you'd like to share with The Dynamic Divorcée community, please comment!