Moscow, Belgium: When you need a film that commiserates with you . . .

This weekend's suggested movie viewing is Moscow, Belgium, the 2008 film by director Christophe Van Rompaey.

If you're tired of a string of lackluster dates, this film will convince you that your experiences are not really thaaaat bad.

The film is billed as a comedy, but it's more a drama with touching comedic elements.  Set in Belgium, in a working-class neighborhood on the outskirts of Ghent, we follow the life of 41-year-old, yet-to-be-divorced Matty, as she works at her dead-end job, goes about raising her three children, and begins a relationship with a truck driver, despite herself.

A phenomenal character study of a single, midlife mom.  Without the Cinderella ending.  Very much worth the viewing, and you may see parts of yourself in Barbara Sarafian's portrayal of the leading character.  Sometimes it's much easier to see yourself outside of yourself, in someone else.

Here's the New York Times review.  And, here's a Netflix link to the film.