Least pain = Most gain

For most of their lives, most of my clients (I really want to say all of my clients) have been over-working, over-giving, and over-functioning for others.  And, they wonder why no one has loved them as much as they have loved others.

They get into a habit, that often started in childhood, of trying to earn everything -- the hard way.  It's a value in our culture. 

"There's no free lunch."
"The best lessons are learned the hard way."
"Success is 99% perspiration."

This week's post will be brief.  I want you to test these kinds of assumptions by taking a look at any single goal you may have at this moment, and looking for the easiest possible way to achieve it.  What are the simplest, baby steps you could take to get closer?  Is there an easy way to solve the whole problem, but you couldn't see it because you expect the road to be long and hard?

Ask yourself:  "If this were easy, how would I do it?"

And, "Is there someone close to me who might give me advice on how I'm making this unnecessarily hard?"  (Tip:  Ask someone whose life is in balance, and has plenty of time to enjoy the good things in life.  Don't know anyone like this?  Then it's time to make new friends.  Or maybe take a radical approach to making new friends.  Or, join a Meetup group in your area -- but, make sure it's positive and fun, not a divorce recovery group where everyone complains about how awful life is in general and their exes in particular.)

Explore how you can find ways to "take the easy way out."  How can you turn the least pain into the most gain, in any area of your life?  Need help?  I'm always here. 

And, please comment on your experiences with this little exercise : ) .