Leap Before You Look

Just a quick note to share an old Chicago Tribune lifestyle piece (from way back in 1999) by fellow blogger Elaine Soloway.

Why unearth an op-ed piece that old?  Because I think that Elaine's attitude is so refreshing for midlife women. 

At a time when it's tempting to play it safe and not incur any further damage, we've been thrust into a situation where playing it safe is the worst thing you can do.

A favorite uncle of mine had the following guideline:  When in doubt, do something.  It's better to make a choice and get moving than to keep sitting on the fence and waiting to be absolutely sure you've made the right decision. 

Or, as Elaine recounts, after making a midlife decision to go back to school, "I made a bargain with myself: 'If after six months, you hate it, or can't handle the pressure, you can drop out. No recriminations.'"

She says that "No 'bad girl, you're a quitter'" is allowed : )

So, if you're stuck and want to get unstuck, you might want to read "If You Leap Before You Look, You Just Might Love Where You Land."

And, if you want more of Elaine, here's her Rookie Widow blog.  Follow along as our spunky septuagenarian heroine gets her affairs in order, sells her house, and contemplates her next act in the hip River North neighborhood.