Welcome to How to Find the New You After Divorce and How Rediscovering Your Buried Creativity Can Help

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In this guide, you'll learn a very simple and fun way to: 

  • Use the five senses to help you discover the kinds of experiences you love most and make you feel good
  • Daydream to discover a touchstone or two from many years ago
  • Allow your touchstone to guide you to the heart of *you* and even help you deal with difficult emotions and the stresses of divorce
  • Let your touchstones guide you to magical healing and the first steps to creating your new life the way you want it to be
  • Give yourself permission : )

My wish is that, when you get to the end of this visit with your younger self, you’ll be excited to remove any self-imposed straitjackets and feel like you finally have room to breathe.  And feel the freedom to explore some dreams that you may have decided, long ago, were for someone else, not you.

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