Shell-shocked, careening between states of sheer terror and crushing sadness, tossing and turning night after night wondering how to rebuild your life? I'm with you, because I was there myself.

Almost 10 years ago, my stable (yet not ecstatically happy) life went up in flames -- literally!

It took me years to recover from the devastation that confronted me after divorce. After losing so many years of my life in marriage, and even more years trying to heal from the aftermath, it became my obsession to create a better, more satisfying way for women to recover emotionally from divorce.

I want to teach you the easy, practical system to divorce emotional healing and recovery that I used myself . . . once I discovered it.

Originally a writer, journalist,  and publicist, I became an entrepreneur in 2003, and was almost to the point at which I could offer my husband a safety net so that he could quit the job he continually complained about, and think about what he'd like to do with his life instead.

Just when I reached that point, I learned about my husband's secret life, a double life that had been ongoing for four years. Nothing I had believed about my husband turned out to be true.  I married him because I thought he was the most honest and honorable guy I'd ever met, even though I knew there'd be compromises I'd have to make in other areas.  But now, after being contacted by the other woman, and finding out that he had been lying to both of us, there was no question in my mind of staying in the marriage.

So, I made another mistake:  In order to extricate myself as quickly as possible, I left with practically nothing. At midlife.  Stupid move, I know.

Six months after rhe separation, my place of business (in which I was also living at the time) burned to the ground, and I was left without a business address or a place to live. I scrambled to find a new location, and six months after that, the Great Recession hit -- at just about the time that my mom passed away from the last stages of her long fight with leukemia. Another year passed as I tried to keep my business afloat while the recession dragged on, and my COBRA health insurance benefit expired -- at the very moment I was diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition.  (This was before the days of Obamacare, and I was now uninsurable.)

When I hit rock bottom, still grieving over the loss of everything I had thought was a constant in my life, I came out of my haze and got really angry.  (I had already been through talk therapy, read a gazillion self-help books, tried hard to adopt a positive mental attitude no matter what was going on in my life . . . and on and on and on.)  

The Dynamic Divorcee Method™:  Not just coping or surviving, but a new life.

I woke up one morning and decided I was going to fix this.  Now.  Myself.  So-called divorce experts, be gone!  And I was going to be my own guinea pig.  Well, I wasn't exactly going to be the only guinea pig:  I recruited every other divorced or divorcing woman I knew.  And, there were many of them.

And that's how The Dynamic Divorcee Method™ was born.

First, I listened.  I wondered whether my story and life were just some strange anomaly.  Was everyone else getting on with it, and somehow I was the only one in a total mess?  Was I the only person who had my entire life blow up in my face after divorce?  

I didn't just ask questions over drinks with other women who were separated, divorcing, or divorced.  Remember, I used to be a journalist.  So I did a formal survey.  The dozens of women I knew personally referred other women in the same situation.  It snowballed.

I wondered whether anyone would respond.  Every woman responded.  In detail.  Not just checking off boxes on the survey.  They included detailed paragraphs, paragraphs upon paragraphs, telling their stories.  Talking about how and why they were still suffering.  Two years later.  Five years later.  Even after marrying again.

So, to the method I had already created for myself, I added all of the data (and life stories) I had collected.  I now had a complete program to work with that went far beyond my own story.  I now knew what my women needed most.  I knew what they worried about most.  I knew what they hadn't received elsewhere in their efforts to heal and dare to dream again, rather than just survive what had happened.

The divorce recovery program that divorced women helped to create.

It was important to me that I offer a 4-month program (not six months, nine months, or a year).  I needed to promise and deliver a better solution than what others said was possible.  

I wanted the time period to be short enough to give women hope that important, significant changes were on the way.  That they would feel inspired, and be able to say to themselves, "I can do this."  Besides, by this point, I had done it myself in four months.  Now, I had to see whether this could work for others as well.

I tested the program with women at all stages of their dance with divorce.  In the midst of the process.  Freshly divorced.  Years after divorce, and still dragging themselves through life.  In every case, women who had been stuck and grieving -- from a few months to many years -- experienced a profound transformation that began in a space of just a few hours and deepened over the four months we spent together.

What about me?  My original business survived the recession, and today, it's a special place that is a catalyst for transformation in lives of women and girls.  And I'm now cancer free.  But a funny thing also happened.  Remember the women I worked with as I developed my techniques for healing from divorce?  They brought their friends to me, and all of this turned into the coaching practice I have today.  Funny how things happen sometimes : ) .

You can do it, too.  Would you like a starter kit?

If I could come through all the circumstances I endured, happier and healthier than ever before -- and honestly tell you that the entire experience was the greatest gift of my life -- you can do it, too.

For a sample of my approach, I'd like to offer you my free online mini-class 4 Super Secrets to Heal from Divorce.  You can learn more about it here, and have access to downloading the class and all of the materials so that you can experience the content whenever it's convenient for you.  If you decide to try it, I'll follow up with some additional strategies to help you get the most from the program.  I know, from long experience, that friendly follow-up and accountability are essential in order for women to receive all of the benefits from experiencing one of my programs.  Don't worry.  The follow-up emails are only additional free content.  

I don't achieve the 100% satisfaction of my coaching clients by accident.  And, I model the same step-by-step activities and loving staying-in-touch through the process even in my free content.

I am absolutely convinced that, no matter what has happened in your life, the best part is still ahead. The richest rewards, the happiest accomplishments, and deeper and more profound relationships than ever before.

Based in Chicago, and providing divorce coaching to women throughout the world.

Although I'm based in Chicago, all of my coaching appointments (even those with local clients)  take place via Skype, Google Hangouts, or phone.  So there's no driving to appointments, fighting traffic, or hunting for a parking space.  

Unlike psychotherapy or group therapy, our appointments are not open-ended talk sessions.  There's a step-by-step, results-oriented structure that also takes into account your own individuality and specific needs.  You can find out more about my signature programs under Programs on the navigation bar above.

My clients are an exceptionally culturally diverse group, and have come from many countries, as well as, of course, the United States. These brilliant and fascinating women continue to enrich my life.

Join me on an incredible journey: Your beautiful new life! (Yes, it is possible.)