Learn how what you've been through is actually the key to having everything you always wanted.

Thank you for clicking through to read more about my 4 Super Secrets webinar.  It's one of the free mini-classes I offer that's specifically created to bring you to an emotionally better place in less than an hour.

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You'll learn four powerful strategies to help you start over post-divorce, based on my work with women who are trying to figure out what this strange, unexpected "opportunity" of divorce can mean for them.  

Easy, quick, and different from what other experts tell you

I chose these particular strategies for this webinar because they are easy, quick, different from what most other experts tell you -- and these four steps open the door to shifting how you feel about yourself and what you have to look forward to now, in this moment.  Now, not months or years later, after reading dozens of books, spending months or years in divorce recovery groups, and feeling awful and wiped out every day.  Now, as in feeling a positive shift and feeling hope right away.

How divorce can become the chance, finally, to have what you want most in life

This mini-class takes you on the first steps to answer the question: "How can divorce become a blessing and the chance to finally have what I want in life?"  It can be a scary question, can't it?  But it doesn't have to be a question that paralyzes you with fear.  Read more, below, about exactly what you can expect to receive in this program.

But first, who I am and why listen to me . . .

Are you completely new to The Dynamic Divorcee, and wondering who I am and why I might have the answers you're looking for?  Click here for my story and why I can help.

After our work together, I’m now convinced that I deserve better than what I was getting, and, thanks to you, I know how to get it.

If I don’t see myself as the most important person in my relationship, no one else is going to see me that way. That one insight was worth everything, but there was so much more!
— Suzi McNicholas / Charlotte NC

Here's what you receive in this free mini-class (and what changes you can expect to feel):


Get 4 Powerful Secrets to Starting Over

In the 4 Super Secrets webinar, I present four very powerful secrets that most women need to hear to heal from divorce, based on my work with clients over many years.

When you sign up, you receive a private link to the webinar, which you can watch at any time that's convenient to you.

And, you can pause, rewind, and repeat the parts that mean the most to you.

How will you feel after you watch the webinar?

  • Lighter and happier
  • Back in touch with things you loved to have in your life, but that may have gotten lost along the way
  • With a few ideas or goals that make you happy to think about
  • In touch with your own inner guidance, so you feel more focused and in control
  • On the path to reclaiming your own beauty and power as a woman


Just 25 Minutes -- Why Not Try It?

4 Super Secrets is a PowerPoint webinar based on a telesummit appearance I was invited to present for Inspired Conferences.  

My webinar takes just 25 minutes to watch, and a total of about 40 minutes if you pause the video to complete the four exercises that I give during the program.

This is not just a "talk." It's an experience in which I invite you to apply each of the four secrets to your own, individual life situation and personality, and come away with some specific-to-you next steps.

If you're curious about using coaching to heal from divorce, but a little afraid that a coach may try to sell you on something that's not right for you, this webinar is a wonderful way to take a look at what's possible for you, with none of the pressure you're afraid might happen.

(And, by the way, even if you were talking with me one-on-one, I'd never be trying to "sell" you on anything.  In fact, many times, I'm the one who says no, when I feel that I'm not the right fit for someone.)


Bonus Play Sheets with a Plan for What to Do Next

My work with women going through the major life change of divorce has taught me many things.

One of the most important:  Almost no long-term change happens when a woman simply listens to a presentation once without actively applying the content to her own unique life.

Enormous, incredible changes begin when women put something down on paper as they internalize powerful strategies they're learning.

That's why, when you sign up for this webinar, you also receive four "play sheets" so that you don't just listen -- you have a choice to participate and take away action steps that will really help you going forward.  

Use these play sheets to pause the presentation and do the exercises when you're cued to do so.  When you finish, they'll be a treasure map to your next steps.

You have nothing to lose by giving this a try!  

Just fill in the box below, and you'll get instant access to the program.

I hope you will.  xoxo