Welcome to our online home!  I'm Rosetta Magdalen, The Dynamic Divorcee, and I've created this place as a space to question what everyone has told you about divorce and being a divorced woman.  It's a place where you can get a little hand-holding (if you need it), find out how to climb out of the dark place you're currently living in, and learn exactly, step-by-step, how to start feeling better right away.  Today, if you want.

I know that's what I wanted -- but never could find -- during my divorce, and for years afterward.  And that's why I had to create this place myself.  It would have given me so much peace of mind, if someone could have turned on a light for me so I could see, right away, what my fresh start after divorce could be like.  

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If anyone would have told me I'd be able to feel confident, powerful, and beautiful -- and not have to wait years to get there -- I'd have immediately thought a couple of things.

First I'd have reacted: "I'm already confident.  How dare you suggest I'm not confident!"  While getting all bristly, I'd know deep inside that I had never felt that I was as good as everyone else.  But, I sure didn't want anyone else to know the truth!  

Second thing: "Who are you to tell me you have answers?  Heck, I'm over 35 (or 45 or 55), and if all the things you promise are so easy, I'd have been there years ago!"  I invite you to check me out here, and find out more about why I might have something of value for you.

Different than divorce advice you may have heard before, over and over . . .

Have you wished you had someone in your life with new and fun ideas on how to heal from your divorce?  Someone who understands, but who isn't sold on the depressing 5-stages-of-grief model of recovery?  

Have you ever wished you could be filled with all the energy and joy you need to get in control of your finances, be a positive role model if you're a mom, and be really really happy (again, or for the first time ever)?

I'm so glad you're here.  Because I do have a way that I'm passionate to share with you.  And a 100% success rate in helping women to recover emotionally from divorce -- even the most awful, messiest breakups.

When I think about the last couple months of working with you, I know that you have changed my life for the better, without a doubt. For that I will be eternally grateful and always always count you as my friend. You have helped me see that I do deserve the best. That I am worth it. I feel like I have made more progress with you in a few short months than I did with years of therapy.
— Shelly West / Farmington NY

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You may not be surprised to hear that most divorced women we've surveyed take from 5 to 10 years to recover emotionally and financially from the effects of divorce. No one wants to suffer that long, but so many women simply can't find a way out on their own. Even with therapy, medication, and support from friends and family.

I want to share with you powerful strategies to:

  • Find real self-love so you feel comfortable and loved every day.
  • Get to the root of why it's been so difficult to move on.
  • Be able to let go of him as easily as he has been able to dismiss you.
  • Learn how and why you chose your ex-husband in the first place, and how you can be treated with love and respect by everyone in your life going forward.
  • Start feeling like you again -- and feel even better than you can ever remember.

The kinds of things clients say about what they receive from The Dynamic Divorcée (click here for more): 

[The] Dynamic Divorcee coaching program was the best choice I’ve ever made!

Just four months later, I am amazed at my current state of mind! I have the strength move on and not worry about the jerk and what he’s doing. I’m focusing on ME and what I deserve!

It’s taken some coaxing and coaching from the Dynamic Divorcee, but I did it!
— Audrey Peloza / Shawano WI


Do you feel so invisible that you're starting to believe you're nobody special, and you need to give up and accept that?     

• Be seen and noticed for who you are, not only for how much you have to give to everyone else.

• Feel wonderful inside your own skin and radiate the magnetism that comes from within. (And yes, you do have this within you already.)

•Be open to possibilities (romantic and otherwise) in a way that feels natural and safe.

Learn about Invisible to Irresistible

Has no one in your life really loved and respected you the way you've wanted them to? 

• Go from feeling second best to being a woman who attracts the best life has to offer.

• Explore who you really are and what got lost along the way.  Be delighted by what you'll find about yourself.

•Find out what has held you back and exactly how to attract the love and respect you've always wanted.

Learn about Prepare to Be Loved

Have you done all the things that divorce experts tell you to do, but nothing has made much of a difference?   

• Finally heal and allow yourself to have the kind of life you always wanted.

• Stop thinking about him, and stop caring about what he does, who he's with . . .

•Feel happy and ready to take the actions you know you need to take for yourself and your kids.

Learn about The Dynamic Divorcee Method™

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Please feel free to hang out and take a look at any of the content here on the website that calls out to you.  

Check out my Divorce Blog, where I write, from my non-traditional point of view, with practical tips and strategies to feel better, whatever your frame of mind happens to be today.  

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If you have questions, please click Contact, and I'll be happy to serve you in any way I can.  


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